The Chinatown Safety Council is composed of community groups, non-profits, businesses, enforcement agencies, City of Edmonton departments and REACH Edmonton. Together, we work towards collaboratively understanding the safety and well-being needs of the community. Working alongside community members, we aim to develop safety and well-being projects that are designed by the community and are owned by the community.


The Chinatown Safety Council convenes and works alongside community partners to do the following:

  • Further the safety pillars as highlighted by the 2017 Chinatown Strategy
  • Convene and connect community members, businesses, social agencies, non-profits, city departments and enforcement agencies to develop stronger relationships with one another.
  • Understand what the common goals, alignments and areas of needs are among Chinatown community stakeholders.
  • Assist with coordination of initiatives identified by Chinatown community partners.
  • Provide Chinatown safety and well-being updates to all Chinatown community members.

Community of Collaboration

  • Chinatown Transformation Collaborative
  • Edmonton Chinese Young Leaders Council
  • The Chinese Benevolent Association
  • Chinatown and Area Business Association
  • REACH Edmonton
  • Green Violin
  • ASSIST Community Services
  • Bissell Centre
  • HOPE Mission
  • Boyle Street Community Services
  • The Mustard Seed
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • McCauley Revitalization
  • City of Edmonton

2017 Edmonton Chinatown Strategy

The Chinatown Safety Council also seeks to support the Chinatown Transformation Collaborative to fulfill Pillar A of the 2017 Edmonton Chinatown Strategy which aims to strengthen safety and security in Chinatown to contribute to a strong sense of a vibrant and inclusive place.


Pillar A Action 1

Develop integrated connections between social agencies, businesses and community to advocate and collaborate to identify issues and opportunities on solutions regarding safety and security.


Pillar A Action 2

Undertake a safety audit of Chinatown to document community safety factors that inform and prioritize further actions.


Pillar A Action 3

Pilot enhanced programs to address issues around general cleanliness impacting area image and safety.





Brandy Basisty,
Community Convener

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