Safety is a broad and overarching concept that is a part of every aspect of everyday life. To focus and frame our community safety work in Chinatown, we are working towards defining what safety means for the community - what the boundaries of safety are and who we are working with to achieve safety in the community.


We invite community members to help us better understand what the top of mind safety and well-being issues are for Chinatown by taking our survey below:

Help give the safety council insights into the following questions:

  • Which geographic areas of Chinatown do we need to focus on the most?
  • What are some of the things that are already happening that are contributing to a safer and more active Chinatown? How can we support it so that it grows?
  • What features would you like to see to make Chinatown a more beautiful place?
  • How might businesses contribute to a safer and active Chinatown?
  • How might we create a safer and active Chinatown for families?
  • How might Chinatown create positive relationships with the social agencies in the area?
  • How can we create supportive and respectful relationships with vulnerable community members in Chinatown?

Jaime Calayo,
Engagement & Communications

Brandy Basisty,
Community Convener

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