The following collection of resources are available for Chinatown community members and businesses to maintain the safety and vibrancy of Chinatown. If you have any questions about any of these resources or if you have resources you would like us to share please contact Brandy Basisty at


McCauley Chinatown Who to Call Guidebook

The McCauley Chinatown Who to Call Guidebook contains the contact information and resources need to address safety and wellbeing issues like problem properties, needle debris, community cleanliness, illegally dumped junk, EPS contacts, 24/7 crisis diversion, and community connectivity.


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Chinese Emotional Support Alberta Hotline (24 hours) 587-997-5977

Mandarin and Cantonese speakers are available for free, confidential* emotional support across Alberta.

*Your information is kept private, unless you are in danger to yourself or someone else.


Download Traditional Chinese Information

McCauley Chinatown Who to Call Postcard

This postcard is a quick reference guide to the contact information for local resources that can help assist you with your community safety and well-being concerns. If you are a Chinatown business who would like to help us distribute these postcards, you can contact us by emailing Brandy Basisty at


Download Postcard [English]

Download Postcard [Traditional Chinese]

311 Reporting App

The City of Edmonton has developed a 311 app to help with safety and well-being reporting. You can use the app to report issues that regard infrastructure, encampments, litter and graffiti.



EPS Crime Map

If you see a crime has taken place, we encourage you report it to the Edmonton Police Service. This data is crucial in helping EPS teams better support the safety and well-being of Chinatown. Their crime map is a tool to help visualize what kind of crimes are happening in the neighbourhood.



Chinatown Safety Council Meeting Summaries

The following documents summarizes the highlights of each of our Chinatown Safety Council meetings. If you would like any further details on any of our work please email Brandy Basisty at

Encampment Resources

If you see community members in encampments you can refer to the following resources as supplied by the City of Edmonton.



Safer McCauley

Safer McCauley is an initiative that runs in the community of McCauley a neighbouring community to Chinatown. Keep up to date on the work of Safer McCauley by visiting our website and by liking our Facebook page.


Safer McCauley Website

Safer McCauley Facebook Page

Neighbourhood Empowerment Team -  Business Safety Matters

This resource provides a series of tips to help property owners, business owners, and employees reduce crime and disorder at their place of work.



Neighbourhood Empowerment Team - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) booklet provides a quick and practical guide to steps Edmontonians can take to make their property safer.



Neigbourhood Response Team - Neighbourhood Response Tool

This guide helps you make the right call at the right time. It informs you on what to do and who to call in case you witness a range of situations from vandalism, intoxication and substance abuse to property and business concerns. It also provides tangible steps to increase safety and minimize risk.



Neighbourhood Empowerment Team - Encouraging Positive Interactions

This guide can open the door to more positive interactions with people we may feel apprehensive around or are unfamiliar with. When we begin to understand some of the reasons behind people's behaviours, catching problematic behaviours early and knowing how to de-escalate heightened situations can help us feel more comfortable in all of our interactions.



Neighbourhood Empowerment - Safer Business Spaces

Reducing opportunity reduces crime. This quick reference offers practical tips that can be incorporated into how businesses organize and manage their space to help reduce the opportunity for criminal activity and create safer spaces.





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Community Convener

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