The Chinatown Safety Council with collaboration from the Chinatown Transformation Collaborative and McCauley Revitalization present the Chinatown Motion Security Lights Program to businesses in the Chinatown area. This limited free pilot program aims to equip Chinatown businesses with easy to install solar powered motion detection lights. 


Calling all Chinatown Businesses:

To be eligible for the program you need to meet these criteria:

  • You are a business owner in the Chinatown Business Association area
  • You have the authority as the building owner or have permission from the building owner to install motion lights on business property
  • You provide a valid email address to receive updates from the Chinatown Safety Council and the Chinatown Transformation Collaborative


Safer Spaces through lighting:

Improved exterior lighting has been proven to deter unwanted activity and prevent crime. By simply adding more light to public spaces, we make communities feel more welcoming and vibrant which leads to increased positive community activity. 


Simple, Easy, Bright

By signing up to the Chinatown Motion Security Lights Program, businesses will receive solar powered motion detecting lights free of charge. Consultation and support with installation will also be provided to those to sign up for lights.


Sign Up Today:
Businesses can sign up multiple ways. They can either visit to sign up online or send an email to Brandy Basisty at



Jaime Calayo,
Engagement & Communications

Mark Davis,
Community Convener

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